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  • Alumni Network

    Tsinghua University students have access to a global network of alumni, which totals 190,000 graduates to date. This network proves to be valuable for students who are currently studying, as well as in their future careers. Tsinghua Alumni participate in programs such as the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP), and also contribute to alumni associations throughout the world (like the MBA Alumni Association Singapore Chapter).

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    Through decades of development, Tsinghua  has nurtured a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem. A rich  on-campus atmosphere of innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship has  been supported by our dedicated faculty with substantial education and research  experience, courses on innovation, various research centers and technologies of  high feasibility. Thousands of outstanding entrepreneurs and venture  capital investors are Tsinghua alumni.

  • Comprehensive Learning Opportunities

    Our program offers several dual degree programs, which enables students to supplement the broad-based management education they receive in the first year at Tsinghua with additional knowledge and management tools they can acquire at our partner schools in the second academic year. Candidates of the dual degree programs will finish their courses at Tsinghua and our partner school within 2 years and receive two degrees.

    Starting in the second year of Tsinghua’s Global MBA program, students are allowed to choose 111+ electives courses from over 12 tracks, and also those offered throughout Tsinghua University. These electives supplement the MBA learning experience, while providing invaluable access to studies that help further each student’s unique career aspirations.

    Under mentorship of a professor at Tsinghua SEM, the integrative practical projects (IPP) provide students consulting opportunities to offer professional service to numerous companies by practicing the knowledge and skills they learnt. IPP team is expected to study a topic, analyze problems and provide effective consulting proposals. It focuses on but not limited to Business Plan & Design, Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Organizational Behavior &Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Management Innovation in the Information Era, etc. Besides IPP, China Lab and Fin Lab are also high-value consulting projects that student choose every year.

    Tsinghua SEM has established an extensive network of top business school partners from around the world, which provides students opportunity to spend a semester on exchange in one of our exchange partner schools in 24 different countries and regions. Each semester, we also receive around 100 students from our exchange partner schools. These students enrich the diversity of our student body and enhance the global experience in the classroom.

    Besides semester exchange, we also have overseas study trips that offer students opportunities to examine first-hand the business environment in various countries around the world. We have several popular trips include Strategic Mindset and Innovation in Israel, Global Supply Chain and Fast Fashion in Spain, Coca-Cola 21s Century Marketing in Atlanta, USA, etc..

  • SEM Advisory Board

    Initiated by SEM's Founding Dean ZHU Rongji, the Advisory Board of Tsinghua SEM was established in October 2000. Since its establishment, the Advisory Board has met annually to offer advice on the development of Tsinghua SEM.

    1) Initiatives

    The Advisory Board has provided tremendous help in the following initiatives:    
    • Contributing ideas and formulating strategies to make Tsinghua SEM a world-class school    
    • Promoting faculty development at Tsinghua SEM    
    • Supporting the establishment of research centers    
    • Funding research projects    

    2) List of Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (2018-2019)

    3) Tsinghua SEM Students Dialogues with Advisory Board Members

    We will hold various student dialogues with members of SEM Advisory Board each year. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook and member of Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, met with over 300 students and dialogued with Dean QIAN Yingyi at Tsinghua SEM in Oct 2017.    
    Besides the dialogues, we will also have the Advisory Board Members entering into classrooms. 16 Board members entered 17 Tsinghua SEM classrooms to interact with students in an intimate setting in previous years. See the 16 Board members participating in the dialogue sessions.    
    Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, Facebook, John L. Thornton, Chairman, Barrick Gold Corporation, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Brookings Institution, Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO, Comcast NBCUniversal, Risto K. Siilasmaa, Chairman, Nokia Corporation, Chairman and Founder, F-Secure Corporation, Marjorie Yang, Chairman, Esquel Group, Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Blackstone, Victor K. Fung, Group Chairman, Fung Group, Honorary Chairman, Li & Fung Limited, Christopher B. Galvin, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Harrison Street Capital LLC, Former Chairman and CEO, Motorola Inc., Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman, Starr Companies, Former Chairman and CEO, AIG, Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Eric S. Maskin, Adams University Professor, Harvard University, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, QIU Yong, President, Tsinghua University, Geoffrey Garrett, Dean, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise, Professor of Political Science, Andrónico Luksic, Chairman, Luksic Group, and Jim Breyer, Founder and CEO, Breyer Capital.    
    News about SEM Advisory Board .

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