Dual Degree Programs

Tsinghua MBA dual degree program enables students to supplement the broad-based management education they receive in the first year at Tsinghua with additional knowledge and management tools they can acquire at our partner schools in the second academic year. Candidates of the dual degree programs will finish their courses at Tsinghua and our partner school within 2 years and receive two degrees.

  • Kek Chee Swee Jeremy

    Singapore/ MBA Class of 2020
    Tsinghua MBA / MIT Sloan MSMS Dual Degree

    Coming from a pure engineering background, I had little understanding about what being in a business student entails and the kind of undertakings required. A year inTSINGHUA GLOBAL MBA PROGRAM gave me good clarity about what it means to be in a business environment. More importantly, my first-year experience at Tsinghua helped me build a strong foundation in business management and allow me to better communicate better with likeminded business students from different background.

    The reason I applied for Tsinghua MBA – MIT MSMS dual degree program is that I love how much flexibility the MIT MSMS program offers. This is the only program I know that allows students to attend any classes from any MIT’s schools. You can even cross-register as a student at Harvard! The program allows you to build a well-balanced curriculum and take classes that tailors to your own personal and professional goals.

  • Lucia Chai

    The United States/ MBA Class of 2020
    Tsinghua MBA / MIT Sloan MSMS Dual Degree

    MIT Sloan’s MSMS program was designed to provide an opportunity for MBA students at top non-US business schools to enhance their expertise in specific management concentration. I wanted to focus on technological innovation and strategic management. I knew MIT is at the center of technology and innovation so it would definitely be an ideal environment for me.

    What I liked about the program was firstly the degree of freedom you gain from this program. You can customize your own curriculum with full support from the staff. Not only the courses you can choose, the MSMS program also offers certificates if you want to specialize in business analytics, healthcare, or sustainability. Second part is definitely the people and culture here. Mingled talents, characteristics and interests go beyond management. Overall the opportunity to be able to spend 9 months creating my own knowledge base in the areas that I’m passionate about at one of the top business schools with world-renowned faculty is extremely valuable.

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