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  • China Roots
    Experiencing Business in China is an initiative specifically targeted at visiting exchange students and international students fromTSINGHUA GLOBAL MBA PROGRAM. Through lectures delivered by Tsinghua faculty members and Chinese business leaders as well as on-site company visits, this program provides the opportunity to gain in-depth insight into management practices and doing business in China. The program consists of three core elements:

    • Series of lectures focusing on Chinese businesses and management by Tsinghua faculty. Topics include strategies in China, human resources, marketing, and other areas of business.
    • Guest lectures from Chinese business leaders who focus on sharing their experiences and industry analysis.
    • In-depth corporate visits including on-site case sharing from the host company’s management team.

    Program Objectives:
    • Develop understanding of the Chinese market as a whole along with different business models from a firm-level perspective by defining and attempting to solve the challenges facing China-based organizations.
    • Cultivate analytical skills by carefully defining a Chinese business challenge, deploying suitable frameworks to analyze the issue, and recommending possible solutions.
    • Provide an opportunity to develop teamwork and leadership skills through field study.
  • China-Focused Course Module and Courses
    The China-Focused Course Module is constantly updated to give students a better understanding of the business environment in China. In-depth discussion and case analysis of China's economy and business is woven directly into Global MBA course material, and a number of courses focused on specific aspects of the Chinese market are offered.                            

    Core courses include “The Chinese Economy in the World”, and “elementary Chinese” for international students. Elective courses include “China Roots Seminars", “Bubbles or Revolution: Cases Studies of Internet Finance in Contemporary China”, “The Way of China’s Intelligent Manufacturing”, “Study of China’s Industrial Development—Module 1: The Southwest of China, Module 2: Chang Jiang Delta of China, Module 3: The Zhujiang Delta of China, and Module 4: The Northeast of China”, “Interpretation and Application of China’s Important Statistical Indicators” etc.
  • China Business Case Center (CBCC), Tsinghua SEM
    Tsinghua SEM was the first school to use the case study method in mainland China. China Business Case Center (CBCC) at Tsinghua SEM has established a strategic partnership with Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) to promote Chinese business cases globally. Professor F. Warren McFarlan, former Senior Associate Dean of Harvard Business School has served as the Co-Director of CBCC for the past 5 years. In the previous decade, over 400 cases have been created by (CBCC) centered on a variety of contemporary issues facing China.
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