Flagship Courses


    MIT Sloan Module

    As a flagship course of the Global MBA Program, MIT Sloan Module has been successfully held since 2014, which has been very well received by the Global MBA students. The Sloan Module is an oversea module exclusive for GMBA students. 50 Global MBA students each year will travel to Boston to have MIT signature lectures at MIT Sloan and well planned company visits in Cambridge.                                    
    As for now, more than 218 sponsoring companies with 334 projects have engaged in this project. And for the year of 2018-2019, students are working on 20 projects from 20 companies.

    MIT Courses - Entrepreneurial Strategy Modules I II III

    It is a 4-credit course, instructed by Professor GAO Xudong and two prominent Professors from MIT Sloan School of Management, professor Scott Stern and professor Pierre Azoulay. Being one highly praised course among MBA students, it consists of three modules. The course is structured to provide a deep understanding of the core strategic challenges facing start-up innovators, and a synthetic framework for the development and implementation of entrepreneurial strategy in dynamic environments, and the ability to scale those ventures over time. A central theme of the course is that, to achieve competitive advantage, ideas-based entrepreneurs must balance the process of experimentation and learning inherent to entrepreneurship with the selection and implementation of a strategy that establishes competitive advantage. The course identifies the types of choices that entrepreneurs must make to take advantage of a novel opportunity and the logic of particular strategic commitments and positions that allow entrepreneurs to establish competitive advantage.                                    
    Module II will contain Company visits. Each student, being part of a group, will have an opportunity to visit companies, ranging from startups to more mature enterprises in China. By interviewing the founders of the companies, each group will prepare a final presentation on the company visit.

    Marketing Management

    This course explores both marketing theory and practice. The lecture sessions introduce proven techniques to solve marketing problems, the case sessions illustrate the application of these techniques in various industries, while the practice sessions provide an opportunity for students to develop and present their own marketing plan. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to develop their own marketing strategies – select your target market by analyzing the 3 C’s (Customer, Company, Competitor), Optimize their marketing tactics – implement your marketing strategies by choosing the 4 P’s (Product, Place, Promotion, and Price), and design the marketing strategies and tactics for a product of your choosing.

    MIT Lectures

    Prof. Jake Cohen's Lectures on Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions in 2019.                                    
    This lecture session is one of the most high-ranked lectures. It focused on the capital markets players and their primary objective. It discusses the concept of Market Value Added (MVA) and examine the performance of various companies. Thereafter, the lecture will delve into understanding financial statements (Balance Sheets and Income Statement) and perform basic ratio analysis.
  • SEM Advisory Board Courses

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Silicon Valley

    Initiated by Tsinghua SEM in a joint effort with Tsinghua X-lab and Facebook, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: insights from Silicon Valley was co-developed and launched in Spring semester 2017. It aims to boost students’ interest and ability in innovation and entrepreneurship by integrating guest speaker talks, academic sessions and team projects.                                      
    Senior executives from Facebook, local guests from various related fields in China, together with Tsinghua SEM faculty introduce to students the most popular science and technology hot spots and innovation and entrepreneurship topics from Silicon Valley, to encourage students to think about the future with a global perspective. Through experiential learning, students get insights into Silicon Valley’s latest innovation and entrepreneurial practices, discuss them in groups combining innovation and entrepreneurship theories, and improve their business plans. With the guidance of mentors from both sides, students complete their final presentations and develop project demos.

    McKinsey Global Leadership Course

    Taught by McKinsey& Company’s Global Managing Director Dominic Barton, the McKinsey course on global leadership consists of a series of lectures where world-renowned business leaders are invited to teach and share with students their perceptive insights on business. On-site business management, international business development, current global business and management practices are some of the topics explored. The influential panel of speakers includes Rio Tinto CEO, Tom Albanese, the CEO of the Canadian Pension Plan, Mark Wiseman, Wal-Mart International Business CEO, Doug McMillion, as well as Nobel Laureate Michael Spence.                                      
    The course is designed to convey deep insights on new trends across some key themes of business functions (e.g., strategy, operations, organization, corporate finance, marketing, “big data”, technology, CAPEX, sustainability and macroeconomics) with a field-and-forum approach. And it’s scoped to discuss topics on a global level rather than China-only specifics.
  • Tsinghua Featured Courses and Lectures

    Tsinghua New Technology Exploration

    Made possible by Tsinghua University’s long 100 year history and vast interdisciplinary resources, Tsinghua SEM offers its MBA students a unique course in science exploration. Guided by well- known professors, students learn more about Tsinghua University’s cutting edge breakthrough discoveries in both humanities and sciences. In an age where no single subject or discipline stands alone, students will be taught how to keep their fingers on the pulse of the times, and how to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge so they can innovate and pave new roads for management studies. Students will also see some of the cutting edge research that goes on at Tsinghua University by visiting Tsinghua’s top tier research laboratories.

    Tsinghua Eminent Entrepreneur Lectures

    Tsinghua Entrepreneurs Lecture invites business leaders with great visions and extraordinary leadership to offer lectures on their start-up stories, management experience and views towards life. It aims to deepen student’s understanding of the entrepreneurs and managers of China's private enterprises, restructured state-owned enterprises and transnational corporations, and stimulate their entrepreneurial spirit. This is also an opportunity for the enterprises to repay society and support the course of education.                                
    Previous Guests(part):    
    • James Quincey – CEO of the Coca-Cola Company,    
    • LIMing Chen – Chairman, Greater China Group, IBM,    
    • Bill McDermott – Global CEO of SAP,    
    • Jean - Claud Biverhand – Chairman of the board of HUBLOT,    
    • Wang Jianlin – Chairman of Dalian Wanda group co., LTD.,    
    • Li Yanhong – Founder/Chairman/CEO of Baidu
  • China and the World Courses

    The Chinese Economy in the World

    The Chinese economy has already become one of the world’s most important economic entities. This course surveys crucial issues of the global economy from Chinese and non-Chinese perspectives. In the process, the course aims to provide a set of analytical tools to understand and to prepare for the impact of major economic changes. Lecturers include Professor Li Daokui, Professor He Ping, Professor Ma Hong, and Professor Ouyang Min.

    China Roots

    The course provides an overview of China’s social, economic, financial, and political system and its challenges. Students will gain insights from presentations of invited field experts and from extensive discussions with them afterwards. The course also intends to help student grasp unique philosophy deeply rooted in Chinese culture. This course is highly recommended for foreign students or students who want to gain first-hand knowledge and in-depth understanding of China’s social, economic and financial system. Depending on the availability of speakers, the specific topics may vary, but include Chinese economy, trade patterns of China, environment protection, foreign firms in China, ownership structure and corporate governance of Chinese firms etc.
  • Integrative Practical Projects

    China Lab

    Since 2008, MBA students together with students from MIT Sloan have opportunities each year to participate in China Lab. Each year, two students from our program and 2 students from MIT Sloan will work together on 4 to 5 projects sponsored by Chinese firms or organizations to help solve consultancy problems. MIT Sloan MBAs are a unique cohort of high performing, early-career individuals with exceptional academic credentials. Averaging 6 years of work experience, they come from a broad spectrum of industries, job responsibilities, cultures, and nationalities.                                
    China Lab is a four-month project from February to May, including an intensive two-week on-site engagement in each company based in China (Late March), providing students on-hand experience and opportunities to learn from well-known companies. Final presentation will be held in MIT, which is a valuable opportunity for students to present their project abroad.


    Fin-Lab is a consulting-education program jointly collaborated between Tsinghua SEM MBA Program and Business Finland, the newly established branch of promoting innovation and business development globally by Finnish Government. It aims at integrating deep local knowledge and global perspective to provide strategic consulting and business planning for Finnish SMEs in their efforts to enter and/or develop China market. It gives participating firms access to innovation and entrepreneurship platform at Tsinghua University as well as other resources that would help bridge exchanges of innovation and business between the two countries, while at the same time trains prominent international talents. The program pays special attention to important and trendy areas including but not limited to health & social welfare, clean energy, smart city, rare natural resource protection, interactive media, and knowledge-intensive services.


    Thai-Lab is a consulting-education program jointly collaborated between Tsinghua SEM MBA Program and Sasin School of Management, Thailand. The program pays special attention to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and aims at integrating deep local knowledge and global perspectives to provide strategic consulting and business planning for companies in Thailand that search for business opportunities in China. It gives participating companies access to innovation and entrepreneurship platform at Tsinghua University as well as other resources that would help bridge exchanges of business ideas and innovation between the two countries, while at the same time trains prominent international talents.
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