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Tsinghua University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have a deep, multi-dimensional history that has proved beneficial for students and faculty from both of the esteemed institutions. The inauguration of the partnership between the School of Economics Management (SEM) and MIT Sloan began in 1996, and a year later the International MBA program (IMBA) was established. In 2013, the IMBA program was merged with the Chinese taught Full-Time MBA program to form The Tsinghua Global MBA Program. Students benefit from resources such as curriculum development, course material, faculty training, and courses and lectures provided by visiting MIT Sloan professors.      

MIT Sloan has been a proud collaborator with Tsinghua SEM for the past 17 years and counting. The partnership has been fruitful for both. It gives the faculty and students of the two great institutions an opportunity to experience and learn from the corporate and social cultures of the two countries and an opportunity to work together, which would be impossible without a formal tie up.

S.P. Kothari
Deputy Dean of MIT Sloan
  • MIT Dual Degree (MSMS) Program
    During the application process for the Tsinghua MIT GMBA program you have the opportunity to apply to earn an MIT MSMS degree (Master of Science in Management Studies) in your second academic year at MIT, in addition to your Tsinghua Global MBA. Tsinghua MBA dual degree program enables students to supplement the broad-based management education they receive in the first year at Tsinghua with additional knowledge and management tools they can acquire at our partner schools in the second academic year. Candidates of the dual degree programs will finish their courses at Tsinghua and our partner school within 2 years and receive two degrees within 2.5 years.            
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  • MIT Courses and Certificate
    Tsinghua University collaborates with MIT Sloan to provide a top tier curriculum for our students, from the case based curriculum provided by MIT to the esteemed faculty working directly with the students. Out of the 45 credits required to graduate from the Tsinghua University GMBA program, 7 are taught by MIT Sloan Faculty. Upon graduation GMBA students not only receive a certificate from MIT, but also become affiliated with MIT’s prestigious network.            
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  • Tsinghua-MIT China Lab Consulting Project
    Action-based learning is the foundation of the School of Economic Management. One of our strengths is providing team-based collaborations, like the China Lab Project, to students to conduct consulting services directly to Chinese firms and NGOs.            
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