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Tsinghua School of Economics and Management has long attached great importance to personal information and privacy protection. We will try our best to ensure your personal information security and controllability by taking measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. When you use our products or services, we will collect, store, use, and provide your personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

When providing you with products and services, we probably will collect, store, and use your "personal information", which may include, but not limited to, your name, age, gender, educational background, occupation, language used, postcode, personal photo, mailing address, email address, other contact details, and performance at school.

We undertake that we will collect, store and use your personal information for the following purposes only:

žTo manage products and services, provide you with our products and services, and promptly communicate with you about your purchase and use of our products and services

žTo support the operations of our products and supply of our services, and respond to your inquiries and requests

žTo provide you with services and support inside and outside school, and accept your feedback and settle your complaints

žTo improve the quality of our products and services through data analysis and research

žTo facilitate our communication with you and address your concerns promptly

žOther purposes as agreed upon by you

We respect your privacy and abide by applicable laws and regulations. We undertake that we will keep the personal information we collect strictly confidential, and will not sell it to others illegally. if you have any questions, advice, or suggestion about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us. (intlmbaadm@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn)

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