Life at Tsinghua

Prior to arriving in Beijing
  • Book On-campus Dormitory

     Tsinghua University offers three types of dormitory rooms to international students: single room (private bedroom and bathroom); AB room (private bedroom, shared bathroom); double room (two beds in one room, shared bathroom on each floor). Included in each room are bedclothes, air-conditioner, telephone, color TV, Internet access and furniture. For more details regarding on-campus accommodation and pricing, please see Book On-campus Dormitory and Accommodations on our website.

  • Visas, Entry & Residence

    Foreigners coming to China to study at Tsinghua shall apply for a study-purpose visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in their country of nationality or country of residence. There are two types of visas for study purpose: X1 type visas are usually issued to the students planning to study for over 180 days; X2 type visas are usually issued to the students planning to study for less than 180 days. The required documents for the Visa application process will be sent to the student by Tsinghua University, including the Admission Notice, the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW 202/201), and additional designated documents, will be required by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate.For more detailed information on the Visa process, please see Pre-Arrival: Visas, Entry & Residence.

  • Physical Examination

    If you are holding X1 visa and need to apply for a Residence Permit after the admissions registration, it is required to have a physical examination. You can choose one of the following two options: 1. Before arriving in China, take the Foreigner Physical Examination Form, which is sent together with the Admission Notice, to a hospital or clinic. Ask the doctor to provide a physical examination and fill out the form, sign and stamp it. Bring the original copy of this form (including the original blood test report) to China, and verify it at the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (Haidian Branch) to get a verification report. If your report is not qualified, you have to re-examine the failed items there. 2. After you come to China, take the physical examination at the Beijing International Travel Health Care Center (Haidian Branch), and get the examination report three days later For more detailed information on the physical examination process, please see Pre-Arrival: Physical Examination.

  • Public Transportation

    Upon arriving at Beijing International airport there are many transportation options available, though the easiest method is a taxi. Legal taxi cabs are easily identifiable by their uniform colors, however illegal cabs will also be present. It is the university’s recommendation to only take a legal taxi cab in the commute from the airport, for the illegal cabs are over-priced and unregulated. There are also shuttle busses and subways that can take students from the airport to drop-off locations near the Tsinghua campus. For more detailed information on transportation methods in Beijing, please see Pre-Arrival: Transportation

After arriving in Beijing
  • On-campus Accommodation Check-in

    If you have successfully booked a room in the on-campus dormitory (the Zijing International Student Apartments), bring the Admission Notice and passport to check in at the designated time. Upon check-in, you need to prepay the rent for six months and a deposit of RMB 200, by RMB cash or bank card (a commission fee may be charged for foreign cards). Please keep the Registration Form of Temporary Residence, the receipt and the deposit slip carefully for future use. The General Reception is on the first floor of Zijing Apartment Building No. 19. The service phone number is: +86-10-51535500. The email address is:

  • Off-campus Accommodation Registration

    A student who lives off campus should go to the local police station with the passport and landlord to make an accommodation registration within 24 hours after moving in (or moving into a new place) and get Registration Form of Temporary Residence. When extending or changing the visa/residence permit, or re-entering China, the registration need to be renewed in the local police station every time.

  • Bank Account

    For degree-program students (undergraduate and graduate), their student ID cards are also used for payment in the cafeterias, supermarkets, and internet service, etc. in the university. Therefore, every student must open an account at the Bank of China, and connect it with the student ID for the transactions. Moreover, scholarships and allowances from the university are also transferred to that account. After you finish your admission registration and get student ID card, you should go to the Bank of China in Zijing Student Service Center (Building C) and bring with you the passport and admission notice, where you can open a bank account, get a debit card, and connect the account with your student ID. If you live off campus, you may open a bank account and get a debit card at the Bank of China nearby. When you come to Tsinghua University, you can connect your bank account with your student ID in the Bank of China located in Zijing Building C. In particular, only the debit card issued by Bank of China in Beijing can be used for the connection. As there are always a long queue in the bank, it is suggested that you go through these formalities as early as possible, to avoid troubles in using your student ID and receiving scholarships.

  • Registration Steps

    Admission Registration: Venue: International Students Office, Zijing Apartment Building No. 22. Date: indicated on the Admission Notice. Time: 8:30-11:30, 13:00-16:00. Documents: 1. Ordinary passport and a photocopy of the photo page. 2. Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202 Form/JW201Form). 3. 8 photos of passport-style (colored, 33mm width, 48mm height, white background, formally dressed) Fee Payment: The bill for payment of tuition, insurance and other fees will be issued at registration desk. Please pay the bill at the Cashier in Room 0116, Zijing Apartment Building No. 22. RMB cash and bank cards are accepted. Foreign currency is only acceptable in designated registration time. Chinese Name: The international students not having a Chinese name shall prepare one before registration. If you don%27t have a satisfactory Chinese name, the Chinese student volunteers and the ISO staff will help you make it at registration.

  • Application for Residence Permit

    The X1 visa is valid only for 30 days after entry. The students holding X1 visas have to apply for residence permit at least 5 working days prior to the expiration date. The steps of the application are as follows: 1. Register in the International Students Office and pay for the tuition and insurance. 2. If you have not taken the physical examination (including blood test), you shall take it at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (Haidian Branch). If you have a report from a doctor of your own country, you shall verify it at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center. If the report is not qualified, you should re-take the physical examination at the Center. 3. Get the residence permit application slip from the International Students Office. 4. Submit the application to the designated visa agency, the Trader-Link agency (in Room 0110, Zijing Apartment Building No. 22, Tsinghua University). For more information, please click here.

Useful Information for Campus Life
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