Overseas Study Trips
Jul 25, 2020

Coca-Cola 21st Century Marketing

In spring semester, Tsinghua MBA Program will offer its MBA students the ‘21st Century Marketing 2019’ Oversea Module under the great support of the Coca-Cola Company --an opportunity to not only visit the world headquarter of Coca-Cola and other companies in Atlanta, but also participate in classroom discussions and lectures on campus at both Tsinghua SEM and Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. During your stay in Atlanta, students will study topics on economics, general management, and marketing innovation.


Stanford GSB - Tsinghua SEM Exchange Program (STEP)

STEP is designed to encourage cross-cultural learning and network building between MBA students from the Tsinghua SEM and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (GSB). Each year, students participate in a sequential two-way exchange where 20 Tsinghua Global MBA students spend one week at Stanford GSB to engage in a variety of learning and integration activities in late January, and then 20 Stanford GSB students come to Tsinghua for a similar experience during their spring break.


Innovative Leadership (University of Washington, Seattle)

Co-organized by Tsinghua SEM and the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, Seattle, this course offers a unique opportunity for you to synthesize and deepen mastery of core issues related to “Innovative Leadership” (i.e., a critical, integrative view on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship) through classroom lectures, team case analysis project, experiential learning via corporate visits, and personal reflection. By the end of the course, you will achieve the following:


-   Gain a deeper understanding on critical issues pertaining to innovative leadership in the global context

-   Analyze how organizational leaders create the pathway to foster innovation

-   Understand the challenges as well as opportunities for global leaders in crafting realistic and actionable change management agendas


Strategic Mindset and Innovation – Israel Module

The course will frame the central aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation in Israeli companies within the context of the country's booming high-tech economy and the emerging of global Israeli companies. It will offer a unique synthesis between state of the art academic studies and practical, hands-on experiences with relevant industries.


The studies and experiences will be designed so as to support values of innovation, experiential learning and mutual growth. In addition, the course will advance the relations and networking between the participants of the Tsinghua University MBA program and Israeli business leaders and prominent entrepreneurs.


Global Supply Chain and Fast Fashion: Barcelona, Spain INDITEX Module

In order to broaden the horizons of our students and provide more short-term overseas experience and opportunities, Tsinghua MBA Programs will launch the overseas module “Global Supply Chain and Fast Fashion” under the great support of INDITEX Group, the parent brand of ZARA, to provide Tsinghua MBA students an opportunity to visit the world headquarter of INDITEX Group in La Coruña, the headquarter and logistic centre of its subsidiary brands in Barcelona, and participate in classroom discussions and lectures on campus of ESADE Business School. This course offers a unique opportunity for participating students to synthesise and deepen mastery of core issues related to the global supply chain and the fast fashion industry.


Chinese Mainland and Taiwan Business Perspective

The purpose of this exchange program is to increase communication with Taiwanese students and understanding of Taiwanese business environment.


The program includes the following:

1)Four Tsinghua students and four Taiwanese students form a group, totally 5 groups. Every group needs to complete a survey project under a professor's guidance, and submit a project report.

2) There will be 4 seminars during the exchange, one by the program chair professor. There will also be about 3 to 4 company visits.

3) There will be cultural exchange and social events.


Global Business Perspective: China-Korea-Japan Field Study

 The purpose of this course is to have students of three countries, China, Korea, and Japan to understand the culture, business environment, industry and companies of three countries, China, Korea, and Japan. Students of three schools, Tsinghua, KAIST, and Keio will form multinational teams and study together on the various issues of management in global context. Through the field trip opportunities, students will have a chance to meet face-to-face, do research on project of real management issues, and produce business case reports. This course will also provide students to have a chance to build a friendship network of future business leaders of China, Korea, and Japan.


The course objectives include:

1)      To have MBA students from South Korea, China and Japan discuss and interact in order to do a comparative analysis of specific industries within their respective countries.

2)      A representative industry from one of the three nations will be chosen and a field study will be conducted by visiting major players within that industry.

3)      To discuss and deeply apprehend the vital issues and growth opportunities of the firms the group has visited within the field study.

4)      To investigate the key factors and formulated strategies of Asian firms for success within Asian and Global markets.


UCL- Global Management Summer School

At the end of the programme, students will acquire a solid understanding of contemporary management challenges and opportunities in the UK/EU; receive more than 50 hours of academic and industry-led content; develop their international professional network of employers and students; be awarded a certificate for their involvement at the GMSS; and enjoy a culturally enriching experience in London, a city with some of the world’s best parks, galleries, museums, restaurants and theatres.

Over two weeks, students can expect to be immersed in a range of innovative learning activities including lectures, workshops, case studies, discussion groups, industry-led presentations, company visits and networking events.

Some highlights include:

-30 hours of intensive classroom based learning covering a spectrum of business and management issues specific to the UK/EU;

-A one-day professional development course on capital markets delivered by the London Stock;

-Exchange Group Academy at their City of London headquarters;

-A ‘Professional Skills in the UK’ session delivered by practitioners in Canary Wharf, London’s global financial district;

-Insight sessions delivered by some of the UK’s leading companies in management consulting, finance and technology;

-A River Thames boat cruise held on the final evening of the GMSS with an opportunity to network with UCL School of Management staff, students and alumni.


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