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A Letter to Tsinghua SEM Students, Faculty and Alumni
Jun 19, 2020


Dear colleagues, students and alumni,

Today is the first day of the spring semester of 2020, and the campus is much quieter than usual. Yet in silence, we see, hear and feel that every faculty member and student is making efforts to start school as scheduled. At this moment, all the Tsinghua SEMers over the world wish to extend our great respect and warm greetings to the medical staff, members of the armed forces and all the people in Hubei province fighting against the epidemic! There are 7 colleagues, 36 students and a lot of alumnus currently in Hubei. We wish to say: please take good care, and our hearts go to each and every one of you!

Facing the sudden outbreak of the epidemic and in line with our primary responsibility of teaching and educating people, the School immediately set up a working group to plan, coordinate and implement teaching activities during the epidemic prevention and control period. Faculty members study and prepare for online teaching day and night, and have prepared two platforms of online teaching programs for each course, so as to minimize the risk of affecting teaching due to system malfunction. All departments of the School take active actions to formulate and to implement the reaction plan for all tasks of the School in such a special period, so as to ensure the smooth operation of all work. Staff members pay close attention to the faculty and students, keep close communication with them through telephone, WeChat, email and other channels, and try their very best to solve all kinds of problems encountered by them. So far, all 325 courses offered in the spring semester have been arranged, and all courses taught online have been tested and are ready for "see you online" with students!

We are also deeply touched by our students and alumnus. Some of them are on the front line of Hubei Province, working as the volunteers day and night.  Others are working hand in hand and organized in an orderly manner to donate money and supplies and even deliver to the virus-stricken areas. Alumnus from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad, ceaselessly collect and donate medical supplies from different corners around the world.  The global Tsinghua SEMers all go their extra miles to fight against the epidemic: You prioritize the urgent need of the society, step forward without any hesitation, and shoulder your own responsibility; You act, love and shine! We are so proud of you!

The epidemic will eventually go away, but the touching moments that happened to us will be remembered for ever, leaving some thoughts for our future study and work. At present, we need to protect ourselves and deal with it scientifically; we need to overcome difficulties, persevere in learning, and continue with cherishment, gratitude and devotion.

The winter has passed, and spring just begins. We firmly believe that we will be able to overcome the epidemic very soon, and look forward to everyone coming back to the School, the eternal home of Tsinghua SEMers, lively and healthy!

February 17, 2020

Chong-En Bai


School of Economics and Management Tsinghua University


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