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Tsinghua International MBA Students Voice on China Radio International
Jul 12, 2020

Three 1st year International MBA students from Tsinghua SEM were recently featured on China Radio International. The radio segment featured MBA programs in China and in particular, international students who chose to come to Tsinghua’s International MBA Program to further their management skills and build up their Chinese human resource network.

Charles Mutinda, a student from Nairobi, Kenya, talked about how it is important to learn the way of doing business in China because of the current Chinese-African business environment. “Africa can benefit from learning the ways that how business is done here”.

Marie Cheng, a Chinese American, who started her own business as an American Education Consultant in Beijing one year ago, points out a Chinese degree with brand recognition is an advantage when leading in China. Learning at Tsinghua can also help better understand the culture and business code in China.

Speaking of the reasons for coming to Tsinghua, Maximilian Johnson, a student from England, expresses that his career plan and personal interest can be perfectly satisfied in the Tsinghua MBA program. “There are so many reasons to come to Tsinghua, but there is no reason to say no.”

About China Radio International (CRI)

CRI is the only overseas broadcaster in the People's Republic of China. CRI was founded on December 3, 1941 and is owned and operated by the state. CRI is one of the "three central media organizations in China" along with China National Radio (CNR) and China Central Television (CCTV).

For a recording of the interview, please click here.



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