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Exchange Program News:Tsinghua SEM sends 78 MBA students abroad while hosting 76 exchange students
Jul 12, 2020

As 78 Tsinghua MBA students go abroad for exchange programs, Tsinghua SEM will host 76 exchange students from across the world. These exchange students will study at Tsinghua SEM, mostly in MBA programs, for the whole semester.

Currently, the Tsinghua SEM, a member of PIM (Partnership in International Management), has built up exchange partnership with 57 top business schools around the world, which stand out as the biggest exchange program in Asia. Participating students, both exchange-in and exchange-out, will obtain credits for exchange coursework in accordance with the regulations or statutes of their respective home institution.

The exchange programs offer many beneficial opportunities for students to increase their business knowledge and further their career. By joining in the exchange programs, participating students can extend their global vision and enrich their MBA experience. The exchange programs are open to all Tsinghua MBA students.

About Tsinghua University MBA Exchange Program:

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