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End of Year Party
Jul 13, 2020

To celebrate the successful completion of our first year, and the mid-point of our Tsinghua journey, the GMBA class gathered together one last time in early June before heading to our separate ways for the summer. At this party, we also said farewell to many classmates leaving Beijing next year to pursue dual-degrees at MIT and HEC, or to participate in semester exchange programs at other prestigious universities.

The party was held in Parlor bar in Sanlitun under the theme “Wolves of Wall Street.” The Class Committee, led by Student Life representatives Joob and Curr, planned a great night filled with glamor, laughter, and enjoyment. Everyone dressed up in their finest gowns and suits, and enjoyed the well-stocked bar and various entertainments, which included a year-end look-back video, and a dancer. The main event was the awarding of various titles we had voted on as a class, such as “Teacher’s Pet”, “Like a Boss” and “Drinks Like a Fish”. I was voted “Best Dressed” and received a mirror as a small gift. But to top off the night, our class president Jason proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancée) with the help of fellow classmates—and she said yes! It was a fun and memorable evening, but also bittersweet, for the next and last time we will gather as a class will be one year later for our graduation in July 2016.

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