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The USStudy Tour of Survey of Global Capital Markets——Tsinghua MBA's Field Trip of Global Capital Operation
Jul 13, 2020

Standing inside the Bloombergs headquarter, facing the huge glass wall and surrounded with transparent conference rooms, a group of Tsinghua MBA students and alumni started their US study tour in New York City and Boston on September 29, 2013. The tour is the oversea field study module for a new Tsinghua MBA course “Survey of Global Capital Markets”. Led by Professor LI Jinliang, Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM, 31 Tsinghua MBA students and alumnivisited Bloomberg, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York Stock Exchange, CITIC Securities International USA and Citibank and had panel discussions with senior managers in the next busy week. They also attended4 private classes at Museum of American Finance, United States Military Academy at West Point (West Point) and Harvard University besides other activities.


Panel Discussion hosted by GUO Dajiang, the first from the right side, CEO of CITIC Securities International USA and alumnus of Tsinghua SEM. 

In New York, students attended two remarkable classes at Museum of American Finance and West Point. Mr. Chris Meyers, Senior Educational Director of Museum of American Finance,elaborated from perspective of historical development on the inherent development laws of efficient capital market and the external conditions it should possess. In particular, he displayed the Chinese railway bonds signed by SHENG Xuanhuai, Father of China's Industry and Commerce, over 100 years ago, as well as other museum collections. Doctor Sean Hannah, Captain of West Point, lectured on the definition and training pattern of leadership from perspective of military management. Meanwhile he also pointed out that West Point has broken rules to receive and welcome Tsinghua MBA students despite of the US Government Shutdown.


Photos at New York Stock Exchanges

On the evening of September 30, a seminar was jointly organized by Tsinghua SEM, Cornell University Johnson School and Asian Financial Society of America at Cornell Club in New York. XU Haoliang, Assistant Secretary-General at the United Nations, Professor LI Jinliang, BI Mingqiang, General Manager of ICBC New York Branch, and MA Yong, Credit Risk Management COO of Morgan Stanley delivered speeches separately on the theme of "American Capital Market and China's Development". Tsinghua MBA students had in-depth and friendly exchanges with guest speakers, EMBA students of Cornell University as well as people from Asian Financial Society of America. The seminar was covered by Xinhua News Agency's correspondent at New York.


Group Photo after Class at West Point

In Boston, students visited MIT and Harvard University. Moreover they had two great classes at Harvard, in which Professor Shawn Cole of Harvard Business School explained the relationship between financial innovation and supervision, while Professor Daniel Bergstresser of Brandeis International Business School lectured on the connection between capital market and corporation governance by using case study.

This American module helps MBA students gain a more intuitive perception and a thorough understanding of global capital market. The firs-hand experience enables them to get more insight on bilateral investment between China and the US. The overseas class model won unanimous applause from Tsinghua MBA students and alumni. "This is a rare opportunity of study and exchange. The Chinese in American finance industry have many interesting views on Sino-American economy and capital market. I was inspired a lot by them." said CHAI Hui of MBA2012-F2 Class. "China's banking industry is undergoing profound transformations. Through this tour, I learn about the macro structure and micro operation of American capital market as the most developed one in the world. My understanding of subjects like 'financial industries should serve the real economy', 'credibility construction' and 'Chinese banks going global' is further deepened. I really benefit a lot from it." said YANG He, MBA 2009 alumnus and senior manager of Bank of China.


Group Photo after the class at Museum of American Finance

The Global strategy of Tsinghua SEM MBA programs includes conceptions of global students, global faculties and global classroom. Developing overseas teaching module has become MBA program's new initiative to tap into courses and building global classroom. Moreover, by taking Overseas Dual Degree Program, one-semester-overseas study, short-term exchange visit and etc., Tsinghua MBA students can attend classes around the world and broaden their global vision.



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