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Change the world by thin-film solar energy
—— Tsinghua MBA Enterprise Mobile Classroom at Hanergy

Jul 15, 2020

Wan Jun, Ma Jia

On the afternoon of March 21, 2019, it was a bright and beautiful spring day at the North Olympic Forest Park. More than 30 MBA teachers and students and alumni came to Hanergy Group for field study unveiling the first Tsinghua MBA Enterprise Mobile Classroom of this semester. This classroom was hosted by the MBA Education Center of Tsinghua SEM. Ma Jia, Director of the MBA Education Center, and Zhu Yidan, Senior Manager for Alumni Development and Corporate Cooperation of MBA Programs also participated in the event.

Experiencing a wide range of product application
MBA students are full of desire to explore new knowledge and learn as much as they can. Under the warm reception of Li Mocheng, the Minister of the Corporate Culture Department of Hanergy Group's Global Brand and Marketing Headquarters, they visited the Thin-film Solar Product Experience Center of Building A of Hanergy Group Headquarters, and learned about the comprehensive application of Hanergy products in three major areas of Living, Traveling and Using: Hantile, HanWall, HanRoad in terms of construction and public facilities; Fully Solar-powered Cars, Solar shared Bicycles, Solar Boats, Solar UAV, satellites in terms of transportation and aerospace, Solar Paper Charger, Solar Backpack, Humbrella, Thin-film Solar Clothing in terms of mass consumer products.

Wandering at the Experience Center, the students were amazed at the diverse high-end applications of GaAs technology products in many fields, standing at the various sample displays of BIPV building flexible roofs, admiring the combination of new and old building materials in power generation and decorative appearance, curious about the thin-film clothing facilities and the delicacy of Humbrella. “(The roof) is made of 17 colors of color components, which can match a variety of architectural styles and implement customized production to meet the diverse needs of customers…

Making every ordinary item into a solar power generator so that energy is everywhere and free.” The explanation of the commentator fully explained Hanergy's high integration of technology and humanity, which brings extensive application and popularity to thin film power generation. At this moment, a gentle sunlight shines through the exhibition room, while spring is warm and peaceful outside the window. Obviously, BIPV windows with the light-transmitting components make a better visual effect, which can enhance both the safety and the aesthetics of the indoor environment.

Tsinghua MBA students visited the Hanergy Group Headquarters Thin-film Solar Product Experience Center

Perceiving the leading technology manufacture

The Clean Energy Exhibition Center is the world's first professional exhibition hall with the solar clean energy as the theme. The exhibition center is designed on the concept of scientific and technological innovation, green environmental protection and sustainable development, covering an area of 7,119 square meters while the display area is over 1,100 square meters. The entire center uses BIPV technology with a total installed capacity of 270 kW and an annual generating capacity of approximately 200,000 kWh. Adopting the intelligent micro-grid management system independently researched and developed by Hanergy, it realizes energy interconnection and sharing with Hanergy headquarter while realizing the intelligent management and optimal operation of its own power generation, consumption, storage and sales, which truly reflects the digital construction pattern of Hanergy.

The structure of the entire exhibition hall is rigorous and logical. From ancient times to the present, it looks like a historical science museum of energy development. It has greatly shocked the students with its grand and fashionable style.The holographic projection screen of the exhibition hall slowly unfolds the history of human usage and development of energy. The students watched the vivid video In early times, humans drill wood to make fire which lightening the fire of life; the two industrial revolutions were promoted by the usage of fossil energy, that promoting the progress of human civilization whereas causing serious environmental problems and pollutions. Hanergy put forward an integrated solution to help the construction of eco-city, low-carbon city and beautiful city. A real energy revolution has begun. The eight exhibition halls and a theater in the center with the colorful audio-visual experiences reflects Hanergy’s careful polish and intelligent control of the core technology of thin-film solar.


 “Haneng has seized the opportunity of global energy transformation and low-carbon development, making green thin-film solar technology benefit the world. For this reason, Hanergy has acquired four top thin-film solar companies overseas. The commentator introduced in a vivid and concrete way. Through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as well as continuous independent innovation and R&D investment, Hanergy has become a global leader in thin-film solar technology. As students have seen, in the development of the second-generation thin-film solar cells, MiaSole, one of the four M&A companies, has demonstrated superb technology. Using Sputtering to deposit all layers to 50 micron at a time on the stainless steel substrate, the Hanergy solar cell module was manufactured in just 40 minutes by the system device.  In the center of the exhibition center, several real-time energy-generating solar vehicles are displayed quietly. The efficient performance, fashionable craftsmanship and brand-new concept have inspired students for the bright future of neo-energy transportation.

Hanergy Group Clean Energy Exhibition Center


Appreciating a pragmatic cultural orientation

Students were longing for more and a thematic discussion has been arranged in Building A. Li Mocheng, Minister of Corporate Culture and Yang Yongqing, Executive Director of the Strategic Development Center attended the discussion. After seated, Minister Li Mocheng introduced the Hanergy Group to the students in the following five aspects: company overview, technical advantages, application products, application cases and social responsibility.

Later, Minister Li focused on sharing the corporate culture of Hanergy. He believes that the business model and strategy mainly comes from the corporate culture. The business model and strategy should be smoothly developed and promoted around the corporate culture, therefore the supply chain management, research and development and marketing can truly achieve the trinity which lead to the ultimate goal of corporate profitability and growth. Starting from the characteristics of digital economy and the requirements of digital enterprises, he pointed out that Hanergy's Ten Changes in corporate cognition is the golden key to the digitalization of enterprises. Ten Changes is to change the way of thinking from ten perspectives of cognition to adapt to the laws of digital enterprise management. He also mentioned the five components of corporate culture and elaborated on the Five Xinjing of Hanergy's core values, namely mission identity, integrity, customer-focus, continuous change and innovation, and self-reflection. He stressed that the core of corporate culture is people, as Li Hejun, chairman of the board of directors of Hanergy Group, pointed out the secret of business success is People, People and People.


Minister Li Mocheng shared in the discussion session

Throught the introductions, Tsinghua MBA students learned that Hanergy has led the energy trend with clean energy and achieved remarkable achievements for the past 30 years. Besides more than 10,000 Impressive patents, Hanergy also made a veritable miracle: the Jinanqiao Hydropower Station has become the world's largest private hydropower station with the total installed capacity of the two phases is 3 million kilowatts. Hanergy also subvertively created a "mobile energy" industry that allows all things to generate electricity. These tangible achievements and the technological advantages of the "Trinity Series" all-round empowerment of the mobile energy industry are closely related to Hanergy's pragmatic corporate culture.

After the introduction, the students and the Hanergy Group executives interacted with each other afterwards. The students have always been good at pointing out the key issues, such as the mass production scale of the flexible products, the future development prospects of enterprises under the gradual cancellation of government subsidies and the alternatives to thin-film solar energy as clean energy, etc. In response to various questions, Minister Li Mocheng and Director Yang Yongqing answered with great interest. The students benefited a lot from the discussion.

Discussion between Hanergy executives and Tsinghua MBA students

It’s getting late and time of departure, the students feel a lot. Hanergy Group focuses on the thin-film solar industry chain and continuously promotes the industrialization and marketization of thin-film solar technology. It is gradually achieving the great mission of changing the world by thin-film solar. The students also profoundly realized that the key to Hanergy's success owing to the construction of corporate culture and the concern for people.

Group photo


Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group

Hanergy Mobile Energy is a multinational clean energy company as well as the world’s leading thin-film solar power company, committed to change the world by thin-film solar.

Since 2009, the Group has focused on the field of thin-film solar power and actively invested in and developed advanced thin-film solar technology for years, which has subversively created a “mobile energy” industry. In 2017, the “mobile energy” strategy, as an important part of the energy supply-side revolution, was first explicitly presented in the State Council document.

Focusing on the main channel of thin-film solar strategy, Hanergy is based on the world's leading thin-film solar technology, covering the whole industry chain integration of technology research and development, high-end equipment manufacture, component production and application product development. It has now developed into a global scale and technology leading thin-film solar enterprise.

Tsinghua MBA Enterprise Mobile Classroom

Hosted by Tsinghua SEM MBA Programs, it is a practice program for MBA students’ close contact with enterprises for in-depth study aiming to enable MBA students to understand the dynamic state of the enterprises, to learn their management experience with the combination of booklore, to grasp the business rules in practice and to improve their comprehensive ability and understanding level through personal visits and research. Simultaneously, it’s also an effective platform for communication and commitment between Tsinghua MBA and entrepreneurs including alumni.


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