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NAN Xiaoning: Entrepreneurship is an Attitude Towards Life
Jan 4, 2022

NAN Ning, often addressed as NAN Xiaoning, comes from Inner Mongolia. Different from what I expected to be a stalwart Mongolian man, he has big eyes, bushy brows, and long lashes—good looks that can win the heart of numerous young ladies. With multiple social roles as a student, a husband, and a father, he is also an idealistic and entrepreneurial young man, serving as the CEO of BitOcean.

We should all have dreams, but what if they finally came true?

It seems that everyone is talking about his/her dreams and their attitude towards life. However, quite a few people know what they really mean. These are abstract concepts in our mind are hard to explain as they are invisible and untouchable, just like Bitcoin. 

“People have different ways of starting up business, so it is hard for us to copy others’ success. Those who’ve had instant success may not know about their later achievements in the very beginning. With their accumulation of interpersonal network and other resources in the industry for years, they gradually achieved what they have today. I don’t believe one can accomplish their goals in just one move, and I don’t read any books on the principles of success either. Rather, I emphasize more on lessons from failures which can help me learn from past mistakes, so as to avoid falling into the same old trap again,” said NAN Xiaoning.

Everyone has a dream, but not all will make the effort to realize it. NAN Xiaoning also has his dreams, and one of his dreams that had lasted for over 20 years was to study at Tsinghua University. He achieved this aspiration without much effort, as he is now pursuing a MBA degree at Tsinghua. Only he knows how many difficulties and hardships he went through to realize this dream. The experiences provided him with the courage to start up his own business, and to lead the life he desires. It was a difficult choice for him. At first, his parents did not approve of his decision nor understand his intentions as he had always led a stable and orderly life, with a good job and a happy family. “It is extremely difficult for me now as I have to deal with studying, business, and family all at the same time. Sometimes, I am up to the eyes with work. I have no other choice except to devote myself completely to everything I do.”


What else to do other than Bitcoin?

“I never thought of this question. Nor do I think of leaving this industry as I believe it has a promising future. The industry developments have been fairly good the past year, with the exception of the weak valuation of the coin.”

NAN Xiaoning made a summary of the dilemmas facing the Bitcoin industry: “First, the timing is not very favorable; second, many investors don’t know much about Bitcoin and they only treat Bitcoin as a spare part and an opportunity not to miss; third, overseas financing for domestic digital coin enterprises is difficult as almost no foreign fund will make a direct investment; fourth, there are problems in the development of the industry which also influences some initial companies’ financing.”

Despite facing these kinds of problems and difficulties, NAN Xiaoning never thought of giving up, as he believes that successful entrepreneurship depends on one’s core competencies and attitude.

Nan Xiaoning and his friends made the first Bitcoin ATM in China, and established a joint venture partnering with ATLAS ATS, an American company, to build a professional and standardized digital currency trading platform. To ensure the compliance of the trading platform with the relevant regulations, they held talks with the Japanese government and over 20 Japanese banks, explaining the nature of Bitcoin with the intentions of erasing the prejudice against Bitcoin and helping to further its popularity and standardization. Finally, Bitcoin was accepted by Japan’s postal savings banks and SBI Sumishin Net Bank. In late January 2015, the first BitOcean ATM, located in a café in the central area of Tokyo’s Ginza district, will start running officially. This is of great significance for the development of Bitcoin, as each small step is a huge advancement for the whole industry.

To be, or not to be

The competition for survival is an everyday show. To be, or not to be? This question was created by human beings, and the answer lies in how to use Bitcoin. As an emerging industry, digital currency has some inevitable issues of instability. However, with so many ambitious young people with passions and dreams, what is there to worry or hesitate about? Changing the world is not a faraway fantasy. Someday in the future, each small act made by us might trigger the “butterfly effect” and bring enormous changes to the whole world.

In the words of NAN Xiaoning: “Please believe that all problems will be solved finally, and that the development of digital currency will be fast and efficient, far beyond our imagination. Let’s wait and see how things go.”


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