Dean of M.I.T. Addresses Student Exchanges and Alumni Status
Jul 12, 2020

On March 12th, Dean Richard Schmalensee of MIT Sloan visited Tsinghua SEM and the 2008 International MBA class.  As the Tsinghua International MBA program is a collaborative program with MIT Sloan, students not only use a portion of the MIT Sloan MBA curriculum (including the same text books and case studies), but they also attend lectures and seminars by MIT Sloan professors and do team projects with MIT Sloan MBA students. Dean Schmalensee addressed a number of issues including:

Increased Student Exchanges between Tsinghua SEM and MIT Sloan 

Currently, MIT MBA Students annually come to Tsinghua during their spring break and lead the P-Team Project. Dean Schmalensee mentioned that he hopes to see an increase in Tsinghua professors and students come to MIT Sloan teaching special seminars and participating in collaborative projects with MIT MBA students.  The Dean mentioned that the major factor in preventing such exchanges are flight costs and hotel expenses in Boston. 

MIT Sloan Alumni Status

Dean Schmalensee also addressed the affiliate alumni status from M.I.T. Sloan that Tsinghua International MBA students will receive upon graduation.  This is a new initiative that was announced last summer.  Preliminary plans include putting Tsinghua International MBA students into the MIT alumni database.  An example the Dean gave was when a MIT alumni would search the database for people in a specific sector in China or throughout the world, Tsinghua International MBA alumni would also appear.  Conversely, Tsinghua International MBA alumni would be able to use the database to find MIT Sloan alumni throughout the world.  To find more about the MIT Sloan Alumni Program, please click here.



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