Tsinghua MBA + MIT Master of Science in Management Studies(MSMS)
Jun 25, 2020

Partner school: 

MIT Sloan School of Management

Tuition & Location:

1st Year: Tsinghua Tuition 99,000 RMB; at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2nd Year: MIT Tuition Approximately 78,954 USD (2021-2022); at MIT Sloan, Cambridge, MA, USA


MBA degree from Tsinghua University + Master of Science in Management Studies from MIT Sloan

 Application Process:

1. Early Admission

Before joining the Tsinghua Global MBA Program, candidates may apply to the Tsinghua MBA/MIT MSMS Dual Degree Program by filling out the application form in the online application systems of both Tsinghua MBA and MIT MSMS. (MIT MSMS Online application:https://applymitsloan.mit.edu/register/apply


2. General Admission

After entering the Tsinghua Global MBA Program, students have another chance to apply to the MIT MSMS program in the second semester.


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