The Final Round of the 2nd Tsinghua MBA Entrepreneurship Competition Concluded
Jul 13, 2020

The final round of the 2nd Tsinghua MBA Entrepreneurship Competition was held at Tsinghua SEM on July 16 2016. The judge panel was led by Professor ZHAO Ping of Marketing Department of Tsinghua SEM, and included Professor CHENG Yuan of Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy of Tsinghua SEM, also serving as the academic adviser of this competition, LU Gang, corporate partner of Legend Star, LIU Bo, Managing Director of TusStar, CHEN Yongjin, CEO of Dark Horse Finance, and ZHANG Jinli, Vice President of Vstartup.

Professor QIAN Xiaojun, Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM, delivered remarks after the competition started. She pointed out that since the Tsinghua MBA Programs was launched in 1991, it has been developing through constant exploration and innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship are important traditions of Tsinghua MBA. The competition this year would continue to arrange entrepreneurship courses and activities in a systematic manner, emphasizing on the purpose and significance of the innovation and entrepreneurship education of Tsinghua MBA.

After fierce contest among 10 teams that entered the final round, the team “Beyond New Energy” won the first prize, and the teams “Conductor VR” and “Work Started” won the second prize. The third prize were won by teams including “Sunshine after Thousand Sails”, “Parental Bus”, “Solution to Omni-channel Retail”, “Commercial Satellite Ground Measurement & Control and Data Service Platform”, “Haozu Mall”, “Zebra Club” and “Wireless Charging”.

The 2nd Tsinghua SEM MBA Entrepreneurship Competition:

In 2015, Tsinghua MBA and Tsinghua X-lab co-hosted the entrepreneurship competition for participants of all Tsinghua MBA students on campus, including GMBA students. The 2nd entrepreneurship competition in 2016 is aimed to cultivate MBA students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities through practice, and to provide Tsinghua MBA students with platform and resources to start up their own businesses. The competition this year obtained support from various enterprises and investment agencies, including China Institute of Entrepreneurship of Tsinghua, Tsinghua SEM Entrepreneurs Accelerator, Tsinghua X-lab Entrepreneurship DNA Fund, Legend Star,, Bangbang Qiye Cooperation Platform, Tsinghua XIN Centre, TusStar, and Vstartup. 

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