“iTalk at 116” – International MBA talk with Prof. Li Jinliang
Jul 13, 2020
    “iTalk at 116” took place in the brand new MBA Student Lounge, Room 116 of Shunde Building on May 21, 2013. Prof. Li Jinliang, Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM, talked with International MBA students on their academic and daily lives. The students expressed their appreciation of having a dedicated MBA Student Lounge with advanced facilities and multi-media equipment. In the lounge, students enjoy a comfortable place to work on team projects, discuss on case reports, or just check their emails. Students also gave great feedback on the current courses and share their interests that will help the program’s continuous development.
“iTalk at 116” is held regularly as an effective channel for International MBA students to communicate with the senior leadership team of Tsinghua MBA Programs.
(resource: www.sem.tsinghua.edu.cn) 
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