Professor Michael Cusumano from MIT Sloan School of Management gives lecture at Tsinghua SEM
Jul 12, 2020

Tsinghua IMBA students are constantly surrounded by cutting edge concepts in global innovation and strategy. October 18, 2010 was no exception as the students were treated to a guest lecture by MIT Sloan Professor Michael Cusumano. Professor Cusumano, who specializes in strategy, product development, and entrepreneurship in the computer software industry, as well as automobiles and consumer electronics, discussed his ninth and newest book, entitled: “Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy & Innovation in an Uncertain World.”   




Professor Cusumano derived his six enduring principles from his distinguished work researching industry leaders and benchmark setters, including companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Toyota and Intel. The first two principles - platforms (not just products), and services (for product firms) – provide new and broader concepts that provide progressive ways to think about strategy and business models. When speaking to the students, Professor Cusumano discussed how the principles apply to companies doing business in China and the implications they have for Chinese companies in the future.

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