2009.04.17 Professor Wei Jie Talks About Current Economic Situation in Indonesia
Jul 12, 2020

A delegation led by Wei Jie, Chair of the Department of Business Strategy and Policy and Xue Lei, Director of Executive Development Program Center has paid a visit to Indonesia during March 23-28 at the invitation of Mr. Xie Hanxian, President of Indonesia Business News.

On March 24, Tsinghua SEM and Indonesia Business News co-hosted a reporting session with the theme of “Current Chinese Economic Situation and How to Respond to Global Financial Crisis” at Jakarta, where Professor Wei Jie gave an analysis on current Chinese economic situation and introduced a series of measures Chinese government adopted in response to the crisis. More than 100 most influential leaders within Indonesian Chinese business community attended the session.

During their stay in Indonesia, the delegation visited Chinese Embassy to Indonesia and The President University-Indonesia. They also visited Mr. Chen Dajiang, a renowned overseas Chinese leader, who currently serves as Vice President of Indonesia-China Economic Social and Cultural Association.

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