Online Webinar: Will an MBA enhance your career?
Jan 11, 2021

Date: 20th January, 2021

Time: 11pm Beijing Time (3PM UTC)

Format: 1 hour



- Doris Duoduo Xun, Global Collaboration and Admissions, MBA Programs, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

- Wilson Wu, Partner, WI Harper Group, Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program Class of 2017


Choosing an MBA career can be overwhelming. After all, the degree has become more versatile over the years, so there are a multitude of choices. Perhaps the most attractive element of an MBA program is the focus on developing new business skills. By tackling a variety of business activities throughout the degree, an MBA enables you to acquire new business knowledge and abilities that can help you pivot your career within a wide range of sectors, including finance, consulting, HR, operations, marketing and technology. In this webinar you will explore how Tsinghua University will provide you with world-class business education.
Register and attend our LIVE webinar discussion titled "Will an MBA enhance your career?" which will prepare you with a deep understanding of the job market- a key skill to have in the job-hunting process. From this webinar, you'll:

- Learn the benefits of taking Tsinghua MBA Program.

- Find out what career opportunities Tsinghua can offer.

- Listen to the study experience from an MBA alumnus.

- Get to interact with an admissions staff.

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