2008.07.07  Tsinghua International MBA Program Commencement 2008
Jul 12, 2020


Tsinghua SEM has graduated 419 MBAs this summer as 115 MBAs from international MBA program. The commencement of Tsinghua International MBA Program for 2008 was held at the Tsinghua Shunde 401 on July 2. The attendees were Dean Qian yingyi, Tong Yunhuan, the Associate Dean and Director of MBA Programs, Assistant Dean Qian Xiaojun, Gao Xudong, the Deputy Director of Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Huang Yasheng from MIT Sloan, Dong Yuguo, the Public Relations Director of Wal-Mart China, and so on. Mao Donghui, the Executive Director of MBA Programs, presided over the ceremony, which was seen by about 200 people including SEM faculty members, staff members from MBA programs, graduates and their relatives and friends, representatives from media.




In his address at the ceremony, Dean Qian Yingyi said that graduates of year 2008 graduated in a meaningful and extraordinary year. He remarked, “This year, the Olympics Games would be held in Beijing and 2008 marked the thirtieth anniversary of China’s reform and opening to the outside world. Also, the year 2008 is the centennial celebration of the emergence of MBA Programs. As you know, Harvard Business School pioneered MBA education in 1908. ” At the end of his address, Dean Qian expressed his encouragement and expectation on Tsinghua MBA’s graduates.

Prof. Huang Yasheng from MIT Sloan also mentioned the special graduating year of the class of 2008. He urged graduates to take this great opportunity to develop their careers.

Charles Laporte AUST from Canada made presentations at the ceremony as graduate representatives. He said,” More than career change, We changed! As a group! We’ve watched and helped each other grow. While I suspect it will take some time before we can truly appreciate the extent to which this experience has changed us, I can say with confidence that it has been an amazing and transformational 2 years that will have a profound impact on the rest of our lives.”

Honorable Guest Mr. Dong Yuguo, the Public Relations Director of Wal-Mart China offered his congratulations to all the students and expressed the willingness of Wal-Mart China to partner with all stakeholders, from the business world to the academic community to make a real difference in addressing the environmental issues.

After that came the exciting moment! Graduating students walked across the stage to receive their certifications and take photos with Prof. Qian and Prof. Huang.

Gao Xudong, the Deputy Director of Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship offered his congratulations to all the students and counseled them on serving the community and fulfilling Social Responsibility.

With the beautiful melody of University Anthem came the end of the ceremony.



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