2008.01.18  Second Year MBA Students Present their Exchange Experiences
Jul 12, 2020

On January 8th, Tsinghua SEM organized an activity for students to listen to 2nd year MBA student’s experiences on exchange.  As most of the 2nd year students have returned to China, they have now had a chance to move back onto campus and reflect on the unique opportunity of living abroad as an MBA student.


Students that went to the Eastern Coast of North America, including Babson, NYU, Toronto, and Cornell mentioned that the classes were very interesting and that the proximity of other close cities made it a very memorable experience.  Hu Yang, a 2nd year MBA student focusing in Finance, took a record 10 Finance classes at NYU in one semester.  “After doing a summer internship in Shanghai in the finance field, you realize that there is a major difference between Wall Street and Pudong (Shanghai Financial District). I believe gaining financial knowledge from professors who have worked on Wall Street can only be helpful in my career,” Hu said.  Other students did exchanges in Thunderbird, UCLA, and Kellogg.  Those students who went to UCLA commented that not only was the weather amazing, but the classes were challenging and very diversified.


Other students had the opportunity to go to Europe, Australia, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Many of the students in attendance were in awe of some of the European travel experiences that their fellow students went on, ranging from the fjords of Norway to the blue oceans of Greece. 


About the Tsinghua Exchange


Currently, the Tsinghua SEM has built up student exchange program with 57 universities from 21 countries and areas, which stand out as the biggest exchange program in Asia. In 2007, 78 students went abroad during their 3rd semester Participating students, both exchange-in and exchange-out, will obtain credits for exchange coursework in accordance with the regulations or statutes of their respective home institution.


The exchange programs offer many beneficial opportunities for students to increase their business knowledge and further their career. By joining in the exchange programs, participating students can extend their global vision and enrich their MBA experience. The exchange programs are open to all Tsinghua MBA students.

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