M.I.T. Exchange Program Participants Announced
Jul 12, 2020

On December 5th, Tsinghua and M.I.T. announced eight Tsinghua participants for next year's M.I.T. exchange program.  The participants will not only have an opportunity to visit M.I.T. in Cambridge, but will also get to work with M.I.T. Sloan students over the semester on a special project.  Elija Degen, an 2nd year MBA student from Chicago, mentioned that "he looks forward to working with his fellow M.I.T. students on the China Project On-site study. This project will allow both Tsinghua and M.I.T. students to work together and build lasting friendships."

About the M.I.T. Exchange Program:

Tsinghua International MBA students upon graduation receive both a certificate and affiliate alumni status from MIT Sloan.   The Exchange Program is the first time Tsinghua MBA students will travel to M.I.T. and allows for more partnership building between students from both universities.  The program contains  three major components.

1. Cambridge-Boston Experience. Participants will stay in the Cambridge area in March. Students will join 24 MIT Sloan MBAs for company visits and special seminars.

2. China Project On-site Study On March 21, 2008, the Tsinghua students will return to home campus. Eight Tsinghua students will be joined by six MIT Sloan students, making up the three project teams for Beijing area. Every team will work on-site with its company during March 24-28. There will be time throughout the week for joint tourism and recreation before the MIT Sloan students return to Boston on March 30.

3. China Project Remote Internship.  In the seven weeks following the trips, the MIT Sloan-China student teams will continue to work together remotely, enabled by virtual team and information-sharing technology.To facilitate the project and broaden the perspective, students shall enroll in a relevant class at Tsinghua MBA Program.By May 15, each team will jointly submit a report and recommendations to its sponsor company and to the professor.

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