Alumni Mentor Program for MBA Class of 2015 Took Off
Jul 12, 2020
On Sunday March 16th 2014, Tsinghua-MIT MBA Class of 2015 organized a Tea Session with Alumni Mentors.  This was the first class wide event for Tsinghua-MIT MBAMBAClass of 2015 to meet up with alumni mentors.  A total of 35 students and 10 mentors attended the event. 


The organizing committee first welcomed the arrival of fellow students and mentors alike to the MBA student lounge where the Tea Session is held.  Class External Liaison Committee Member Teh Yik Chuan gave a brief introduction to all attendants on class demographics, and the progress of Alumni Mentor Program to date. Since it was launched in December, there were already several meet ups arranged where students were able to interact with alumni mentors from certain sectors, such as Finance Group Dinner (5January), Consulting Group Dinner (12January), Corporate Visit by Construction Group and meet-up by Automobile Group.  However, this was the first time where a cross sector meetup was organized, for students to get to know mentors from various sectors.


Following a short round of self-introduction by students, the mentors were invited to give a short speech introducing themselves and providing advice on their sectors.  Mentor Team Leader, Mr. Jiang Peixing, CEO of Zhongde Securities started off the session by giving a recount of the development of investment banking in recent years, as well as career opportunities in the sector.  All the mentors took turn to give their advice to students, including: Mr Liu Yinghui (manufacturing and innovation), Song Liangjing (boutique investment banking), Wu Qiang(startup), Han Song (management consulting), Li Xiankai (professional services), Xia Yufei (consulting), Yang Guangyao (technology sector and consulting), Wang Wei (education), Maurice Li (startup) and Li Shichang (constructions and industrial projects, representing mentor ZouWeiwen from MCC Overseas).


Class Vice President Huang Hengfeng closed the event officially by presenting a gift of appreciation to all attending mentors on behalf of the class. Participants have found the event useful in building better understanding between mentors and students, and provided a good networking platform.The class committee will build on the momentum of this event to organize events focusing on particular issues in the future to fully reap the benefits of the Alumni Mentor Program.

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