Opening Ceremony of Tsinghua MBA 2012
Jul 13, 2020


On the afternoon of August 24, 2011, the opening ceremony of Tsinghua MBA 2012 and the launching ceremony of Tsinghua MBA Orientation 2012 was held in the newly completed Mengminwei Concert Hall. 455 new MBA students  participated in the event.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Professor Li Jinliang, Associate Dean in charge of the MBA Programs. Professor Qian Yingyi, dean of Tsinghua SEM extended sincere welcome to the new MBA students in his speech and reminded the students not to forget three key words during the study on campus:dreams, thinking and integration . Mr. Qian particularly emphasized Tsinghua SEM’s advantages of “integration ” as a university-based business school. Mr. Qian said, "Regarding integration of the MBA program and the university, we not only have a philosophy, but also have three specific measures of implementation. First of all, we have initiated the ‘MBA + X’ double degree from the beginning of this year. Second, in the first half of this year, we created the 'Tsinghua Entreprenurship Network' across departments. Third, we will soon launch a new MBA course named ‘Exploring Technology Frontiers at Tsinghua’. 2012 freshmen are not only the first to experience the "MBA + X" dual degree under the new policy, but also the fortunate group to feel in depth the integration of Tsinghua MBA program with other disciplines of Tsinghua University. University-based Business School, by full use of its kinship advantage, is cultivating future leaders with "fusion" attitude. Finally, Dean Qian sent freshmen students a message filled with deep feelings, “Let dreams inspire you to act, let meditation accompany your life and let fusion make you different.”
Subsequently, Alan White, Associate Dean of Sloan School of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) expressed heartfelt wishes and ardent expectations in a video to the new IMBA students and spoke highly of the long-term cooperative relationship between Tsinghua SEM and MIT Sloan. He gave a very important suggestion to the 2012 freshmen, “MBA is an important step in your life. You should always hold your objective through the learning process and discuss with your teachers and fellow students on how to achieve the objective instead of getting lost and confused by future opportunities.”
Then Professor Hu Zuohao spoke on behalf of the faculty from the point of view of MBA teachers to give new students three suggestions, “First, you must have a sense of mission to establish the ambition of benefitting the society; Second, you must have a clear career development positioning and learn with purposes and objectives; Third, you should learn to appreciate others and accumulate social assets." He said," the utmost happiness of teachers is to train MBA students to become future business leaders.” He also sincerely advised the new full-time MBA students “to properly handle the courses and internship and not to rush for internship during the study period. Blindly indulging in internship will distract students from the purpose of studying MBA. ”
Ms. Zhang Zhao representing the new MBA class said in her speech, “Tsinghua MBA for us has turned into a heavy responsibility from a dream, a goal and a glamor. Starting today, we will endorse ourselves with the brand of Tsinghua MBA.  We will do our utmost to build an unparalleled 2012 MBA Cohort.”

The 2012 Tsinghua MBA cohort has a total of 455 students, including 43 students from overseas, among whom 192 are full-time students (including IMBA) and 263 are part-time students. At present, Tsinghua MBA has a total of 1,283 current students and more than 8,000 alumni.
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