“Time Management” Made MBA Study and life in Order
Jul 13, 2020


Are you feeling that homework will never be finished?

Do you feel it difficult to handle study, associations and internship at the same time?

Do you feel time is always not sufficient so that you have to sacrifice your sleep?

Do you always make temporary efforts and finish tasks just before deadline?

Actually, “sacrifice your sleep” and “overnight work” are not the best solutions.

You might have been entrapped in the mesh of time management.

It was the above slogans echoing the feelings of MBA students that made the participation outnumber the quota of 30 in 1 hour. To express gratitude for active participation, the host of the activity——Entrepreneurship & Investment Club decided to double the quota and welcome the first 60 applicants to participate in the activity.


    The major lecturer Mr. Zhang Yongxi was from China Taipei, not very tall but stately. Facing a room of Tsinghua MBA students, Mr. Zhang quoted Steve Jobs’ speech at the graduation ceremony of Stanford University and shared his experience regarding entrepreneurship and the time management skills. He said, “What we try to solve is the problem that time is always not sufficient. If a person finds his time redundant, that is because he never realizes the significance of life.” Mr. Zhang admired Steve Jobs who made use of his limited life to create breakthrough products and in this way made the world more beautiful

     2011 MBA student Ms. Zhou Wenjing posed the question of time management: lessons, homework, lectures and social activities. Time is always not enough and students had to do homework overnight, very tiring life indeed. In response, Mr. Zhang took his own experience in UC Berkeley BA program as an example to explain that although overnight work is unavoidable, there were ways to decrease the times. The methods he adopted included the 8-page pamphlet agenda which made life in order within several days, the use of invincible stars which could help overcome fatigue and complete homework as well as writing diaries to review himself. These methods Mr. Zhang practiced for 10 years echoed the need and emotions of Tsinghua MBA students. 

     In the group discussion as the last part, MBA students went on the platform to share the successful experience of time management and exchange opinions regarding the use of communication tools, which shortened the distance between students the same time as they learned the time management skills.

    After the activity, Mr. Zhang Yongxi said, “It is my honor to share with MBA students in Tsinghua. Students such as Wenjing, Bofeng and Yuanxuan, thank you very much. Tonight in Room 102 of Shunde Building is a beautiful night in my life. Look forward to the next visit in Tsinghua…….”

Mr. Zhang Yongxi

Creator of “Happy Actors” and practitioner of time management for 9 years (since 2002)

Development consultant of “Self-study Website” created by Mr. Li Kaifu

Director and supervisor of Taipei International Commercial Commission (from 1999 to 2009)

        Held multiple time management lectures in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei and Silicon Valley

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