Tsinghua MBA Student Union Reform Milestone - Tsinghua University's 14th MBA Student Union Executive Committee Presidential Election Successfully Held
Jul 12, 2020

On the evening of March 12, 2011, the 14th Tsinghua MBA Student Union Executive Committee Presidential Election was successfully held in Weilun 508. The election was hosted by the members of Tsinghua's first MBA Student Congress Standing Committee. The four candidates from MBA2010 F, I and P classes competed fiercely. After two rounds of voting by the 24 representatives of the MBA Student Congress, Ye Haitao from 2010 I1 class was elected as the new Student Union Executive Committee President. Tsinghua SEM's Associate Dean Prof. Zhao Dongqing, Associate Dean Prof. Jiao Jie, Executive Director of the MBA Programs Ms. Mao Donghui, Director of Student Affairs of MBA Programs Ms. Chen Fang and all the students present that night were eager to witness such an important moment.



Firstly, the host, 2009 P2 class representative Zhang Fu, presented an overview of the agenda and elections process. There were two rounds of elections. First, the four 2010 candidates took turns delivering their campaign speeches. They are Chen Shi from P2, Wang Qingbing from F class, Ye Haitao from I1 and Dou Xiyun from P1. Each candidate's speech was unique and passionate. With the support of their fans in the audience, the candidates won over the applause of the representatives and students that were present. After the campaign speeches, the candidates had to face tough questioning from the audience. When the time came to vote, representatives from the 09 and 10 classes each voted for two candidates to enter the second round for further questioning. In the end, Ye Haitao from 2010 I1 successfully secured more than half the votes to become the 14th MBA Student Union Executive Committee President.




The leader of the Tsinghua Student Union Reform and Vice President of the  13th Tsinghua Student Union Executive Committee, Zhong Hong congratulated the newly elected President on behalf of the previous committee. He reviewed the importance of the reform and his hopes for the new committee. Afterwards, the previous committee's President Li Yujiang and Secretary-General Li Da handed over the Tsinghua MBA flag and heritage crystal glass.



After the handing-over ceremony, Executive Director of the MBA Center Ms. Mao Donghui commended the work of the previous committee and the way the members led the reform of the Student Union. She hopes that the new President of the 14th Student Union Executive Committee will be loyal to his responsibilities as Executive Committee President, to the interests of his MBA classmates, and to all the responsibilities that come with the Tsinghua MBA brand name. As Tsinghua celebrates its Centennial Anniversary and the 20th anniversary of MBA education in China, she hopes that students can leave their own footprints, inherit, innovate and exceed.



Tsinghua SEM's Associate Dean Prof. Zhao Dongqing followed with a speech. She hopes that the Student Union can work closely with the MBA Office to improve the MBA programs together and to work towards the future.



Tsinghua SEM's Associate Dean Prof. Jiao Jie followed with a speech. He thanked the previous committee for their work and hopes that the MBA Student Union will serve as a bridge between the MBA student body with future MBA students, between current students and Tsinghua SEM teachers, and between the MBA student body and society. The Student Union should work with SEM teachers to develop the MBA programs and towards the future development of students.




[Tsinghua MBA Student Union Reform Background Information]


Under the guidance of the MBA Programs, the 13th MBA Student Union adopted the management concepts from top international business schools and integrated it with the Tsinghua University Postgraduate Constitution to create a reform for the MBA Student Union governance model. The reform seeks to unite Tsinghua MBA students, and introduce student learning and development organizations, to train outstanding leaders with international vision and a strong sense of responsibility.


The reform reflects three important changes: 1) the formation of the Student Congress to serve as the governing body, 2) new self-financed management functions to reflect the autonomy of the MBA Student Union, 3) the integration of MBA students resources to streamline student activities.


The reform planning and drafting began last November and is to be finished by the 2011 spring semester. The 1st Tsinghua MBA Student Congress assembly convened on February 27, where 26 students from 2009 and 2010 classes came together to form the Tsinghua MBA Students Congress representatives assembly. During the meeting, six individuals were elected to serve on the Standing Committee. In addition, the "Constitution of Tsinghua MBA Student Union" and the "Tsinghua MBA Student Union Management Requirements and Implementation Details" were reviewed and approved. Lastly, the MBA Student Union Standing Committee was appointed to oversee the Student Union Executive Committee Presidential elections.


The election of the new Executive Committee President marks the successful reform of the Tsinghua MBA Student Union that took place over the past four months.

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