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Flagship Courses

The Tsinghua Global MBA Program in Collaboration with MIT Sloan provides Flagship Courses taught by distinguished industry leaders and scholars, offering students the chance to build a deep reservoir of knowledge and practice in the real business environment.

Student Dialogue with Board Members

SEM Advisory Board Members join student dialogues regularly, offering opportunities for students to communicate closely with the world leading business elites and investors. Honarory members joined SEM student dialogues in 2014 includes:

Global Leadership - McKinsey

Taught by McKinsey & Company's Global Managing Director Dominic Barton, the McKinsey course on global leadership consists of a series of lectures where world-renowned business leaders are invited to teach and share with students their perceptive insights on business. On-site business management, international business development, current global business and management practices are some of the topics explored. 


Analysis of “Pillar Industries” - BMW and the World Auto Industry

The Analysis of “Pillar Industries” is taught by BMW executives, where students gain bigger picture of automobile industry and its most successful companies in the world. Students also enjoy opportunity to visit the BMW production facility in Shenyang for a two day hands-on immersion study trip.


Tsinghua New Technology Exploration

Guided by well-known professors, Tsinghua MBA program offers a unique interdisciplinary course in science exploration, and enables students to learn more about the university’s innovation and breakthroughs in humanities and sciences by visiting top tier research laboratories.

Survey of Global Capital Markets

This course introduces students to various capital markets across different countries in the context of globalization. Students receive knowledge and insights from instructors and industry professionals on how global capital markets function through visiting key landmark institutions: Harvard Business School, New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and West Point etc.

Exploration of Emerging Markets

This course offers students opportunities to explore emerging markets to understand the cultures, business environment, industries and companies in southeast and west Asian countries such as Israel, Malaysia and Thailand. Students will conduct research on real management issues and and network with industry professionals and local business school students.

Doing Business in Chile Program

As a short-term exchange program between Tsinghua SEM and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC), Doing Business in Chile provides students with a global experience in an emerging economy in Latin America. Students are able to gain valuable insights into the growing business and economic ties between both countries.

Innovation in Industry Reformation – Ernst & Young China Industry Series Course

Developed jointly by and Ernst & Young, the course focuses on the in-depth research and analysis on China’s main strategic industries such as information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, clean energy, finance, culture and communication and bio medicine.