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Integrated Practical Project

The Integrative Practical Project (IPP) is part of the core curriculum . The courses are designed to blend the theories learned in the first semester with hands-on, practitioner experience. The courses run for the length of the second semester and involve a setup phase based on theory and planning, coupled with an extended period of time executing a real business project for a partner company or your own business interests. 

The range of possible topics for IPP projects is virtually unlimited. IPP teams develop internationalization strategies, new market entry analyses, capital-raising (domestic and foreign) strategies, sales and marketing strategies, organizational structure plans, commercialization recommendations, competitive landscape assessments, and more.

Currently, three tracks are offered:

Management Consulting

Entrepreneurial Management

Management Innovation in the Information Era.

The track of Management Consulting focuses on problem solving in strategic reorganizations, IPOs or mergers and acquisitions. The Entrerepneurial Management track centers on how to start a new business and how to prepare high quality and realistic business plans. Last but not least, the Management Innovation in the Information Era track combines new information technology with the management of a business.

Sample Project Management Consulting Track

Company: UNIS Document Solutions Limited (UDS)

Participant: Ming Hwee Low, 09 IMBA, Singaporean; Head, Systems Review, Ministry of Education (Singapore); National University of Singapore

Ming Hwee Low:

"I had learnt much from the close interactions with fellow MBAs to produce work in an actual setting. The insights gained from talking to the clients and alumni of Tsinghua SEM had also exposed me to businesses in Beijing as Tsinghua seniors had been very open to share their thoughts on how they run their businesses. The project had also exposed me to Chinese business wisdom, for example, “our business is viable only if we can add value beyond what QQ can do”. As we interviewed and presented our findings to the clients, I definitely made used of the knowledge gained from managerial thinking, strategy and economics classes when analyzing the macro- and micro- environment of the firm."

"I have benefited a lot from this class. Firstly, I gained insights in working culture. This project allowed me to interact with the client organizations and talking to the people in these organizations provided good insights into the companies’ working styles and culture. It allowed me my first step to understand Chinese firms and interact with local businessman on concrete terms with concrete result. I may also hear from different practitioners of well-known companies e.g. Deloitte, IBM – good as I understood what they went through and gave me insights into the differences between the different consultancy firms. Secondly, I received guidance from alumni member in a relevant organization. "