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Required Courses

Comprehensive first-year core courses

Tsinghua Global MBA Program in Collaboration with MIT Sloan is designed to deliver three core philosophy’s to its students: the theories and frameworks used by top managers to make decisions (the "knowing" component), the techniques and skills needed for students to become strong, effective managers (the "doing" component), and the values, attitudes and ethics that will guide them as future leaders in China and the world (the "being" component). Under the new curriculum framework, students will undertake four important core course modules during their first year (For detailed course descriptions, please click here.):

Module 1: Soft-skills ("being")

English / Chinese

Ethics and Corporate Accountability

Leadership Development

Managerial Thinking and Communications

Organizational Behavior 

Module 2: Analytical foundations ("knowing")


Data, Models, and Decisions

Managerial Economics 

Module 3: Management fundamentals ("knowing")

Corporate Finance


Operations Management

Strategic Management 

Module 4: China and the World ("knowing")

China’s Institutional Environment and Business Law

Management of Global Enterprises

The Chinese Economy in the World

China Roots Seminars 

Students who complete our Tsinghua Global MBA curriculum will achieve balanced understanding of three aspects:

The balance between knowledge and ethics. The curriculum imparts not only knowledge and theories, but also cultivates the ethics and soft skills important for students to become future leaders.

The balance between academic precision and practical relevance. The curriculum provides both breadth and depth of knowledge as well as a view of how that knowledge can be used in contemporary business practices.

Finally, the balance between China roots and global vision. In close liaison with Chinese enterprises, government institutions, and non-profit organizations, Tsinghua GMBA curriculum gives students the best understanding of China's current and future economic opportunities. Furthermore, the curriculum also reaches out well beyond China's boarders to make global impact and allowing for  better preparation for future leaders of both China and the world.