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Tsinghua History

Tsinghua University was founded in 1911 in the location of the royal Qing Dynasty Gardens, “Qing Hua Yuan”. The school initially began as a preparatory school for scholars who wanted to study In the United States, and in the decade preceding it transitioned to a four year undergraduate program and soon after the school added a post graduate program.

There have been many transitions in the school’s history, from the changing of the schools name several times to even a brief change of location due to the war with Japan. Throughout it all Tsinghua focused on its core values by offering a quality education for Chinese scholars with high academic standards. The university has also been a platform for international academics to experience educational programs in China.


After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China the university began to specialize on educating engineers, and starting in the late 1970’s Tsinghua University began to strengthen its teaching in sciences, economic management, humanities and law. Currently, the university has one of the top Engineering programs in the world, and its other disciplines are competitively ranked with comparable world class universities.


Over the past over 100 years, Tsinghua University has witnessed and shared the hardships and glories of the nation. The University’s motto of “Self-discipline and Social Commitment” has inspired many generations of Tsinghua teachers and students to struggle for the prosperity of China. Now, striving to build Tsinghua University into a world-class university has become the objective of each member of the teaching staff and the student body.


To learn more about our university history, please click here.


Elective Course Opportunities

Starting in the second year of Tsinghua’s Global MBA program students are allowed to choose from electives offered throughout Tsinghua University. These electives supplement the MBA learning experience, while providing invaluable access to studies that help further each student’s unique career aspirations.


Alumni network

Tsinghua University students have access to a global network of alumni, which totals 190,000 graduates to date. This network proves to be valuable for students who are currently studying, as well as in their future careers. Tsinghua Alumni participate in programs such as the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP), and also contribute to alumni associations throughout the world (like the MBA Alumni Association Singapore Chapter). Please click here to learn more about our alumni network.


Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Tsinghua University’s Global MBA program fosters the entrepreneurial spirits of students by providing access to programs and classes geared for the innovative entrepreneur. Not only do students have access to renowned faculty who specialize in entrepreneurial development, they also have programs like Tsinghua’s X-Lab which helps turn an entrepreneur’s vision into reality. To learn more about our entrepreneurial ecosystem, please click here.



Resources are abundant for students studying at Tsinghua University. The Tsinghua University Library is striving to be a research, digitized, open and modern university library, keeping pace with other world-class universities. Currently, the Tsinghua University library system includes the main university library, 7 subject branch libraries (such as the law, medical and business school libraries), and more than 10 school or department reading rooms. A diverse and comprehensive system of E-sources are also available for students, allowing access to academic publications from around the world in both English and Chinese. To learn more about our library, please click here or check out the website of our library.


Campus visual tour

Experience a virtual tour that shows the splendor of Tsinghua’s campus. Like the Global MBA program, Tsinghua University’s architecture is an elegant combination of the best of both China and the West. The campus is set among the royal Qing Dynasty’s gardens and the distinguishing features of the past are part of the schools unique charm. Please click here to enjoy our campus visual tour.


Campus map

The Tsinghua University campus consists of academic, residence, support buildings, and many other points of interest. Click here to access a map of Tsinghua University and its surrounding area. Please note map is not drawn to scale.