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Tsinghua SEM was the first MBA program in China to recognize the importance of orientation and to make it a core component of the program.  Through a variety of activities, students acquire cooperative spirits, communication skills, and a keen sense of business relationships, quickly adapt to their new learning environment and build bonds with fellow classmates. The orientation introduces the school and program to students, and has become an indispensable part of the MBA experience.

Tsinghua SEM Information Seminars

The information seminars consist of presentations on MBA academic resources, career development opportunities and leadership development. Students also begin to learn about the importance of corporate social responsibility and social enterprises, important components of Tsinghua SEM.

Ourward Bound

This session begins with a trip to the beautiful countryside of Beijing. Students take part in outdoor exercises and competitions to get to know fellows and develop team building skills. The overnight trip provides students the chance to get to know fellow students, as well as develop the team building skills necessary for the MBA program.

Jump-Start Training

The jump start training program gives students the opportunity to compete in case studies, business simulations and stretches their entrepreneurship skills. It is also during this time that a MIT lecture assists students on how to develop the tools and methodology to studying business school case studies. Students begin to learn the skills necessary for their future success at SEM and in their future careers.

One of the most popular programs offered during this time is the TechMark Case Competition. This competition shapes and refines the student’s holistic understanding of business operations and sharpens the student’s business acumen. It is an exciting two day event with a comprehensive business focus, which allows teams to practice market analytics, financial modeling, R & D management and many other skills that will be continue to be developed throughout the MBA program.    

Additional activities held throughout Orientation are:

Ice Breaking Dinner

Tsinghua MBA New Student Welcome Gala

● Tsinghua MBA Opening Ceremony

● Tsinghua campus Orienting

● Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

● Alumni Networking Events

● Student club activities