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MIT Sloan Collaboration

Tsinghua University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have a deep, multi-dimensional history that has proved beneficial for students and faculty from both of the esteemed institutions.  The inauguration of the partnership between the School of Economics Management (SEM) and MIT Sloan began in 1996, and a year later the International MBA program (IMBA) was established. In 2013, the IMBA program was merged with the Chinese taught Full-Time MBA program to form the Tsinghua Global MBA Program in Collaboration with MIT Sloan. Students benefit from resources such as curriculum development, course material, faculty training, and courses and lectures provided by visiting MIT Sloan professors.

S.P. Kothari, Deputy Dean of MIT Sloan, states that “MIT Sloan has been a proud collaborator with Tsinghua SEM for the past 17 years and counting. The partnership has been fruitful for both. It gives the faculty and students of the two great institutions an opportunity to experience and learn from the corporate and social cultures of the two countries and an opportunity to work together, which would be impossible without a formal tie up.”

MIT Sloan Dual Degree (MSMS) Program

During the application process for the Tsinghua Global MBA Program in Collaboration with MIT Sloan you have the opportunity to apply to spend your second academic year at MIT to earn an MIT Sloan MSMS degree in addition to your Tsinghua Global MBA. The Tsinghua MBA-MIT Sloan/MSMS dual degree option enables students to supplement the broad based management education that they receive at Tsinghua with additional knowledge and management tools that they can acquire at MIT in the second academic year. For more information, please click here.

MIT Sloan Certificate

Tsinghua University collaborates with MIT Sloan to provide a top tier curriculum for our students, from the case based curriculum provided by MIT to the esteemed faculty working directly with the students. Out of the 50 credits required to graduate from the Tsinghua University Global MBA program, 7 are taught by MIT Sloan Faculty. Upon graduation Global MBA students not only receive a certificate from MIT Sloan, but also become affiliated with MIT’s prestigious network. 

Technology Based MIT Innovation Module: 3 weeks, 4 credits

This course combines interactive lectures, case analyses, and direct engagement with companies. The course draws on research in entrepreneurship, strategy, and economics as well as our work with hundreds of start-up companies in the US and China. The cases, assignments, and exercises offer an opportunity to integrate and apply the entrepreneurial strategy framework in a practical way, and draws from a diverse range of industries and settings.


MIT Sloan Module: Innovation and Effective Management: 1 week, 2 credits

Once a year 50 students from the Tsinghua Global MBA program take a trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work directly with MIT Sloan students and faculty. This one week module not only allows the SEM students to attend Sloan’s lectures and courses, but also provides a valuable opportunity to network with students while enjoying the esteemed academic environment. The module also includes company and cultural visits throughout the Boston area. 

Previous lectures included:

   Systems Thinking and Systematic Management

   Managerial Tools and Systems for Managing Workplace Conflicts

  Platforms, Services, and Staying Power

   Innovation in Financial Services and Products

MIT Sloan Lecture Series conducted by visiting professors: 3-4 lectures every semester, 1 credit. 

A number of prominent MIT Sloan professors regularly come to Tsinghua SEM to deliver courses and lectures over the duration of the two academic years on a variety of topics including, but not limited to the following:

   Entrepreneurial Strategy

   Negotiation Strategy

   Leadership Communication, Style, and Effective Team Management

   New Strategic Principles: Platforms and Services

   Capturing Value from Innovations

   Managing Employee Relations and Resolving Workplace Conflict


Action learning

Action Learning takes a deep dive into China’s economy

Action-based learning is the foundation of the School of Economic Management and one of our strengths is in providing team based collaborations like the China Lab Project, which allows students to provide consulting services directly to Chinese NGO’s.


China Lab Project

Professor Yasheng Huang of MIT Sloan began the China Lab Project in 2008. The program allows a group of 8 students from both MIT Sloan and SEM to work together on a consulting project that focuses on one of four projects for China based entrepreneurial firms or NGO’s. China lab is an opportunity for students to hone leadership and managerial skills in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

 “China Lab is deeply, intensely interactive. Students gain a deep view of the Chinese economy, business, and culture.” Yasheng Huang


2014 Project Partners


For more than three years, CreditEase in Beijing has enlisted China Lab teams to help the fast-growing company strategically plan its corporate strategy and global best practices.


The team was asked to develop a new strategy that would enhance Volkswagens customer relationship management program with an increase of customer loyalty in the China market.

MCC Overseas Limited         

The China Lab team worked explored how to construct a new performance evaluation system and incentive program based on the company’s strategy, with research on organization structuring and performance optimization programs.

Biomarker Technologies      

In the fast growing, highly competitive biotech industry the management objectives are ever changing. The China Lab team provided consultation services that assisted with future management strategies in this dynamic industry.  


To learn more about China Lab, please check out China Lab - Action Learning at MIT Sloan.