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Clubs and Activities

Student Clubs

Students at Tsinghua MBA programs are encouraged to create and manage their own organizations and clubs. Some of the most active groups include:

TMT Club  Ray of Love Association (ROLA)
Entrepreneurship, VC and Innovation Club  Psychology Club 
Real Estate Club  Medical and Healthcare Club 
Finance and Investment Club Tai Chi Club 
Asset Management Club  Photography Club 
Education and Training Club  Agriculture and Food Industry Club 
Human Resources Club  Media, Public Relations and Marketing Club 
Management Consulting Club  Football Club 
Parenthood Club  Running Club 
Traditional Chinese Medicine Club  Basketball Club 
Legal Club  Badminton Club 
Branch of Net Impact   Cooking and Cuisines Club 
Collection and Investment Club  Tsinghua Golf Association
Women Leadership Club 

Business Case Competitions

Students participate in both domestic and international business case competitions, where the school has an impressive track record. Tsinghua SEM is also the organizer of the prestigious Tsinghua Case Competition in which many international MBA schools participate. The Tsinghua Case Competition bridges the academic and corporate worlds, offering students the opportunity to work together on real practical projects. The cases are all from local Chinese companies, and company visits are arranged for participants to familiarize themselves with the respective organizations.


Business Trips

Numerous visits to domestic and multinational companies are available to provide students with practical business and operation exposure as well as networking opportunities. In addition, Tsinghua University is located in the heart of China's Silicon Valley – Zhongguancun – where many of the world's leading edge technology companies are situated in China.


Summer Internship Opportunities

During the summer vacation between the two academic years, students take up internships with leading domestic and overseas enterprises. The Career Development Centre plays a critical role in helping students design their career development and take the appropriate steps to achieve their goals. The internship experience paves the way for their future careers and often leads to employment offers.

Interaction with Other Leading Business Schools

Many business schools around the world choose Tsinghua SEM as their exchange partner in China. Exchange program as well as study trip participants from these schools regularly spend time at Tsinghua SEM and their expertise and perspectives add to an already global atmosphere of the program.


Tsinghua SEM students have an active sports life. As an official training site for the Beijing Olympics, world-class sports facilities are available at Tsinghua University. Facilities include multi-purpose gymnasiums, an 8-lane bowling center and a swimming pool with diving platforms. In addition to the many university-level sports clubs, MBA students also organize their own dedicated sports clubs that compete regularly and actively with other organizations in and out of the university.