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Life in Beijing

China has become the leading engine for global economic growth, which creates tremendous opportunities. Located in Beijing, Tsinghua is a knowledge center, forging future leaders for China and the world. Tsinghua Global MBA in Collaboration with MIT Sloan is your gateway to the best of China.



 China's political, economic, cultural and education center with 3,000 years of rich history

 Headquarters of 44 Fortune Global 500 companies, 2nd most in the world

 14,000 foreign companies contributing to 1/4 of the total GDP

 88 universities and 400+ national and provincial research institutes

 6 World Heritage Sites

 Beijing Capital International Airport - 2nd busiest in the world

 Beijingers speak Mandarin, the standard spoken language mostly used in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and also widely spoken in Chinese communities round the globe.

English Resources to Discover the City


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