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PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Addressed 2013 Tsinghua Management Global Forum ...Read More
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2014 IMBA Commencement Speech: The world is your oyster- Live it! ...Read More

A Modern Day Change Agent: Driving Social Impact One Step at a Time“The Tsinghua MBA experience had taught me to be daring and to push boundaries. If you abide by all the written rules, you might not get far. If you challenge the rules, you e...

Venturing Off the Unbeaten TrackLaw Chung Ming Tsinghua-MIT MBA Program Class of 2003 Group Director, China Group, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore A Pioneer in Establishing Sino-F...

A Visionary, A Trailblazer“Expand your social network during your time at Tsinghua. Be actively involved in all Tsinghua activities and be sure to keep in contact and catch up with one another. Having ...

Relishing Challenges“Not everything made sense to me when I first came to China, but since I am in the country, why not make the best of everything? However, I have also come to realize that ...


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